Due to the age of our sites, physical accessibility can be difficult. Wherever possible, we have made an effort to ensure your visit is comfortable and accessible.  Guides are always willing to give any possible assistance and you can contact us at the Ancient High House on 01785 619131 for further information and to arrange your visit.

Online Access

This website has an accessibility menu on the right hand side of the screen at all times. Please click on this to open a concise list of options to allow you to adjust features of the website and increase its accessibility for you.
This website was created with screen readers in mind and headers have been designated correctly for such software to identify.
If there are any problems with accessing information on this site, please ring us at the Ancient High House on 01785 619131, or email us on where staff will be able to provide any necessary details.

Stafford Castle

Physical Access:

The Visitor Centre is fully wheelchair accessible. The grounds and woodland are also accessible but please be aware that there is a steep hill leading up to the Castle Keep. There is a woodland path that forms a loop around the base of the site which can be accessed without steps. The Castle Keep is only accessible via a short staircase and the entrances into the ruins are narrow.

Visual Access:

Staff in the Visitor Centre are happy to describe and detail all available displays – example weapons and armour can also be handled.

Ancient High House

Physical Access:

Due to the age of the building, the only way to access the site and its floors are via the central staircase.

Visual Access:

Many of the displays in the Ancient High House have a QR code next to certain items which link to a YouTube video for an audio description. We are currently in the process of expanding these throughout the building.


Izaak Walton’s Cottage

Physical Access:

With support, the Cottage ground floor and some of the grounds are wheelchair accessible. Guides are always willing to give any assistance possible.

Visual Access:

Staff in the Cottage are knowledgeable and more than happy to detail the life of Izaak Walton, the history of the building and the context of any items on display. A tablet is available at the cottage which features a short film about Izaak Walton’s life. This film can be played with subtitles, BSL interpretation and audio description. The tablet can be used anywhere on site and  may assist with some of the physical barriers that the cottage presents.


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